What is DIONYSUS Experience?

DIONYSUS Experience – GODLIKE ADVENTURE is a worldwide series of hike & wine events in epic vineyards and lovely wineries around the world. It is not a wine race, nor a wine expo but slow and full-of-friends travel into new places and tastes. DIONYSUS celebrates outdoor and wine culture. 

Where does it happen?

DIONYSUS events are taking place on iconic vineyards of world wine heritage. Our hosting wineries offer beautiful hike paths and native wine sorts, so you can explore life in full. From an unknown Župa wine region with gorgeous Prokupac wine in the Balkan region, to famous Loire Valley and its famous Sauvignon Blanc, you will fine the route and wine to explore. 

What does one Dionysus experience day look like?

In the morning, you will arrive at the hosting winery. There, DIONYSUS will be waiting for you. In the first hours, he takes you to the wonderful vineyards where you will walk, run, or bike. As we pass through the grape fields we taste wine made from that very grape. The next hours are reserved for the winery matinee: it is all about tasting local food and local wines. DIONYSUS will serve lunch and 3 glasses of wine, in the cozy, picnic-like setting of the hosting winery. The last hours are reserved for an epic finish for those younger in hearts. Open-air DIONYSUS DJ Party in the winery’s garden where the invocation of real Dionysus takes place.

Are kids allowed on DIONYSUS Experience events?


Yes, kids are allowed and welcomed. Instead of wine, homemade juices will be served. 

Is DIONYSUS dog friendly?


Surely. DIONYSUS loves dogs. We will ask you to put your dogs on a strap during lunch, while the lunch is served in a picnic-like atmosphere.

What happens if there is bad weather?


Small rain and wind are no problem, but heavy rains that last for several days could change the experience a lot. Your hiking experience could be transformed into mud swimming and no Instagram photos with that gold vineyard picnic will be taken. You as a participant can buy insurance for the event which will grant you 80% of the ticket price for whatever reason you want to cancel your participation.

How should I prepare?

You do not need to prepare extra for any DIONYSUS hike. Our outdoor adventures are somewhere around 6 miles (10km) long. For those in training, this could be a nice route to run, and for those who are just starting with outdoor activity, this will be a nice challenge to accomplish.

I can not participate this year. Can I transfer my registration?

Every event has its Transfer & Withdrawal policy. Please check under INFORMATION DESK > TRANSFER AND WITHDRAWAL POLICY of each DIONYSUS event.