DEURIĆ Experience 2024

Fruška gora
June 1, 2024
Deurić Winery, Mala Remeta – Irig

DEURIĆ Experience is a mouthful of divinity. It’s a GODLIKE ADVENTURE that leads you on a 10km hike through the breathtaking scenery – vineyards full of juicy fruits that mature into wines for you to taste right there in DEURIĆ winery. Let us take you through this adventure. Allow all your senses to be awakened. Be a wanderer, an explorer, a hedonist. Feel the Dionysus.



Deurić Winery is calling, and this time, it’s a solo act – our one and only event of the year. So, if you’ve danced with us before, consider this your encore invitation. We promise, it’ll be worth every toe-tapping moment!

And for you first-timers, oh, do we have a treat in store! Fruška gora isn’t just a destination, it’s a full-blown sensory extravaganza! From tantalizing tastes to soul-stirring sights, this is your chance to experience it all. Trust us, FOMO has never been more real!

So, grab your sense of adventure and join us in the wineyards. Let’s make memories that’ll have even the moon jealous of our shine!



The event will take place at Vinarija Deurić and surrounding villages of Mala Remeta and Jazak residing on the hills of Fruška gora. It’s a full day event happening on June 1, 2024.

  • Event name: DEURIĆ Experience 2024
  • Region: Fruška gora
  • Date: June 1, 2024
  • Time: 09:00—19:00
  • Location: Vinarija Deurić, Mala Remeta – Irig (Google map)
  • Address: Ekonomija „Salaš“, Mala Remeta
  • The event is limited to 100 participants


The Hike is a 12 km long trail that allows for beautiful hike, bike or run, together with sightseeing vineyards of the hillsides of Fruška Gora.  

Get the event digital map

Difficulty level

DIONYSUS is not a race or competition. No medals or trophies will be awarded. But that doesn’t mean it will be super easy. Wavy terrain on a dirt track, combine with possible sun or rain, route will require both your attention, preparation and effort. For those who are not in athletic form, the challenge could be a real struggle. For all of you who are in good shape — e.g. you do a training once or twice a week — it won’t be any sort of problem.

If you are a sportsman, and why wouldn’t you be (?), you can pass the route by running (estimated time 90 minutes to 2 hours), walking without or with nordic poles (3 to 4 hours), or by riding a mountain bike (from 2 to 3 hours).  

Refreshment points

There will be refreshment points on the route. Participants could refill their water bottles, have a portion of small finger food, and most important – taste the wine made from grapes grown from the vineyards you are passing. Note that we will serve a degustation doses on refreshment points, so you can finish the track without getting drunk. Tipsy maybe.


We kindly ask every participant to bring: a bottle of water, a bug spray, a mobile phone, sports apparel, and proper walking or running shoes. If you ride a bike, having a helmet is mandatory.

Bring your picnic blanket if you are into a more relaxed way of experiencing the hike. 


The matinee at the DEURIĆ Experience 2024 starts with the return from the morning’s trek. Participants can freshen up and change in a temporary dressing room. This is followed by a lunch service offering an array of delicious meals catering to various dietary preferences, accompanied by a selection of Deurić’s finest wines.

Post-lunch, attendees have the opportunity to tour the Deurić Winery. This tour includes a visit to the winery’s viewpoint, the highest spot in the Deurić Winery, which offers a view of 120 hectares of apple plantations and 30 hectares of vineyards. After an introduction to the history and continuation of the winery, the tour proceeds to the production area where guests will get a detailed insight into the three stages of wine production process.

The tour ends in the wine cellar, a unique blend of modern and traditional design, where all produced wines are archived. The cellar includes a barrique room that was specially designed for winery Deurić. The tour lasts about 20-30 minutes and provides a comprehensive understanding of the art of winemaking at the Deurić Winery.

After the tour, there are optional sports activities available, including table tennis, badminton, speedminton, and volleyball, to keep the energy levels high and provide a fun, interactive atmosphere. The matinee can optionally conclude with a finger-food or dessert serving, providing a sweet ending to this eventful day.


9:00 — Event Start

  • Participant Registration
    • Distribution of participant packages
  • Welcome drink
  • Morning coffee
  • Greeting by organizers

10:00-15:00 — Sport (walk, run or bike)

  • Participants start hiking and riding
  • Picnic breaks at the designated refreshment points
    • Serving of wine tastings, delicacies…

14:00-18:00 — Matinee

  • Return from the track
  • Participants change in a temporary dressing room (tent)
  • Lunch service
  • Wine service
  • Dessert service
  • Winery tour
  • Optional leisure and sports activities

19:00 — Event End

  • Departure of shuttle buses
  • Wine service after the end at the participant’s expense or by arrangement with the host


You will get your event pass (usually a screaming color wrist-band) at the reception desk, once we verify your registration details. The pass allows you to the event.

Besides the pass, here is the rest of the precious moments waiting for you:

  • Welcome drinks
    • Handmade Kalvados (by Deurić)
    • Coffee
    • Bottle of water
  • Merch and materials
    • Branded backpack
    • Branded wine glass
  • Brunch Menu (at refreshment points)
    • Food bites
    • Wine selection (tasting portions)
      • Sauvignon Blanc
      • Urban Rose
      • Pinot Noir
    • Soft and isotonic drinks
  • Lunch Menu
    • Beef goulash with forest mushrooms and polenta “cubes” and pumpkin seeds / Seasonal salad / Lazy apple pie with vanilla cream and caramel
    • For vegan/vegetarian/fasting — risotto with vegetables and mushrooms / Seasonal salad / Apple crumble in wine sauce
    • Serving style: buffet
  • Lunch Wine Card (3 glasses)
    • Chardonnay Classic
    • Gewurztraminer
    • Merlot
  • Deurić Winery Tour
  • DJ vibes
    • Soul-soothing sounds at matinee


As it’s the whole day experience, it’s good idea to set yourself well.

Travel by car

If you come by your car, make sure to know exact location of the reception desk (starting point). Plan your trip according to the event schedule, you should get to the location


There is allocated parking for participants at the event location, within walking distance from the reception. Please make sure not to leave your car blocking others on the parking.

Where to stay overnight

It’s a good idea is to stay overnight or plan the whole weekend trip so you don’t need to drive back home while being tipsy. Plan your stay in nearby places. There is plenty of accommodation in Mala Remeta, Jazak or Vrdnik.

Hiking equipment

Please bring water with you, and dress appropriately for the time. Hats, sunglasses, suncream in the sun, and a shell jacket in the rain. All participants should have hiking or trail running shoes. 

A wardrobe and separate changing rooms for men and women are available at the start. They will be open from the start till the end of the event. 

Get the map on our phone

Make sure you have a Komoot app installed on your phone. It will help you find your way on the track in case you get lost (like it might happen eh?). If you are a paid Komoot user, you can easily use it to navigate your way and get back on track.

Upon arrival

You go directly to the reception desk to pick up your pass and welcome pack. 


Are kids allowed? 

No, we think you need a break. Dionysus Experience events are 18+.


The shuttle bus transfer from Belgrade to the event location will be organized at additional cost. Make sure you mark I want shuttle bus transfer when registering for the event.


There are many bed and breakfast places around the event location, so feel free to book on your own. Reach out to us over email or social networks if you need support.

Are there other places to visit nearby?

Of course. We choose places that sit in wonderful nature, surrounded by numerous soul-soothing spots. It’s easy to just google around the location and you will find many of them waiting for you to spot them.

Is the event dog friendly?

Surely. Dionysus loves dogs. We will ask you to put your dogs on a strap during lunch, while the lunch is served in a picnic-like atmosphere.

Is there a shop where we can get wine to bring home?

It’s debatable how this question is frequent, but we were obliged to put it here due to the terms we have with the host. But yes, there will be a shop at the event location where you can fill your bags with bottles. The wine prices are usually more popular at the source.

What happens if weather gets bad? 

Small rain and wind are no problem, but heavy rains that last for several days will change the experience a lot. Your hiking experience could be transformed into mud swimming and no Instagram photos with that gold vineyard picnic will be taken. We as organizers have a right to postpone the event to one week later, but we will know that half of you won’t come. You as a participant can buy insurance for the event which will grant you 80% of the ticket price for whatever reason you want to cancel your participation.


The price of your ticket is determined by the moment you register for the event

  • Early bird price: €89 | limited to 30 tickets | for registrations up to May 5, 2024
  • Regular price: €99 | limited to 40 tickets | for registrations up to May 26, 2024
  • Late price: €119 | unlimited* | for registrations up to May 30, 2024*

* The event is limited to 100 participants

Individual or small group tickets

To register as individual participant or a group, go to our online registration page hosted at Njuko. The process asks for participant details followed by payment details. Payment is done online using credit or debit cards. Once your payment is successfully processed, you will receive digital passes (tickets) in your inbox, but more importantly — your spot on the event will be reserved.

Need invoice for your business?

To enroll your team or organization and pay as enterprise, check out DIONYSUS For Teams page.


“4+1 FREE” group discount

The fifth in group goes for free. Discount is applied during online registration by adding your friends to take advantage of this discount. The discount applies to the least expensive entry in your cart

Watch this video tutorial on how to apply for group discount.


Companies and organizations that want to bring their teams, co-workers or business partners to the event and pay with enterprise bank account, over faktura invoice are welcome.

Check out the details at DIONYSUS For Teams page