DIONYSUS Experience – Godlike Adventures can now also be experienced on bicycles. Signed partnership with UPSIDE DOWN gravel fanatics.

The recently held DIONYSUS Experience Šumadija marked the beginning of the cooperation between the team of godlike adventures and Upside Down bike tour operators and the international gravel community.

On Sunday, October 2, the second DIONYSUS Experience was held in Šumadija, central Serbia. Šumadija, a wine region, and the Tarpoš winery hosted 100 hiking and walking enthusiasts.

The youngest at heart being the majority of the participants, stayed until late at the party that took place under a 300-year-old oak, and which was made by the Šćepanović brothers.

This time, a different track for cyclists was organized in cooperation with Serbia Upside Down. This young, grassroots bike team aims to present Serbia to foreigners through beautiful bike tours.

“The group of creatives, IT people, and digital nomads is a real refresh on the bike scene that cries out for non-competitive solutions and Rad Race aesthetics. It was only natural for us to connect so that more people could discover what divine adventure means. I think that we will all learn and gain a lot from this partnership, and most of all the people who come to Serbia to experience it in an authentic, active, and hedonistic way”

Veroljub Zmijanac, who is one of the initiators of divine events.

“We aim is to discover the most beautiful gravel landscapes with surrounding villages and natural parks, as well as establish the adventure cycling infrastructure that serves the local community and tourists” – Nemanja Čedomirović, co-founder of Serbia Upside Down

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