On Dionysus

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Dionysus, also known as Bacchus, the deity of wine and viticulture, illuminates the human heart with his gift of wine, dispersing worries and sorrows while simultaneously bestowing health and progress upon the body. He is a savior both spiritually and physically, creating a sense of camaraderie among people through his gift. In his company, the Graces, Eros, and Aphrodite find joy, forming a blissful gathering. He is a friend to the Muses, supporting the arts. Dionysus, with his gift, brings ecstasy, enchantment, and prophetic power. He is a healer-prophet with several prophecies under his belt. The ancient cult of Dionysus was characterized by joyful revelry.

Negotin Cellars

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The Negotin region is situated in the east of Serbia, in a plain surrounded by the Miroč, Crni Vrh, and Deli Jovan mountains on one side, and the Danube and Timok rivers on the other. This creates a highly specific climate characterized by a continental nature, with exceptionally warm summers and cold winters. Canyons and […]